CIRI AGROALIMENTARE (University of Bologna) is involved in the design and characterization of innovative bakery products made with flours from wheat varieties with low impact for celiac disease, with particular focus on techniques that can further reduce the characteristics that impact on celiac disease.

CIRI AGRO offers support to agri-food companies in the areas of technology, microbiology, chemical analysis, nutrition, engineering and biotechnology to provide and programme the safety, organoleptic and nutritional quality and shelf life of products. In particular, CIRI AGRO has extensive expertise in bakery products processing and characterization (e.g. bread and biscuits). Technological competences: Study and management of process factors for the formulation and production of bakery products. Analytical competencies: chemical-physical analysis of bakery products in accordance with the formulation and production process used. At the same time, physical-structural analysis with use of a texture analyzer and a rotational rheometer, computerized vision system (image analysis), testing panel trained in sensory analysis, analysis of the bioactive components of flours and final products.

The staff members involved in the project are three full professors (Dalla Rosa, Caboni, Gardini), three associate professors (Lanciotti, Gianotti, Romani) and three researchers (Rocculi, Capozzi, Bordoni) in the food technology area. The group is completed by temporary research fellows hired with this project’s funds.

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